Here are some examples of the various types of clients that can benefit from our apps and services.

Leftover Sunrise Restaurant

Bob owns a restaurant and wants a way of entertaining his customers while they wait for their food. He also wants to bring attention to some seldom ordered, higher margin items on his menu. Bob submits the photos of his menu items as the cards to be matched in Skinnable Memory and as the pictures in Photo Gallery. He uses his logo for the back of his cards and for the initial loading screen. Bob also opts for the Coupon Module. If a customer completes the game in 24 moves or less, he will take a dollar off each entree they ordered. Bob adds instructions on how to download the app on his menu, placemats, and napkins.

Lake Oswego Summer Camp

Mary owns a summer camp for kids. She would like a way to highlight the activities available. She chooses the Rotating Win Screen that displays an informational screen between every game; one for each activity. Mary now has a way to show parents and their children photos of kids enjoying archery, horseback riding, swimming, boating, and hiking, as well as to showcase the natural beauty of the environment. For the loading screen, she puts the camp logo on top of a view of the on-site lake.

The Pittsburgh Museum of Expressionist Art

The Pittsburgh Museum of Expressionist Art is looking for a free way to allow kids to learn more about the paintings displayed there. They request a free custom photo background of the museum entrance as their splash screen, without a logo, as the name of the museum is already prominently shown carved into the marble. For the faces of the cards they use the pictures they already have of the art contained in their collection. Between every game, a photo of a painting is displayed along with facts about the artist and the nature of the piece. A map and other photos are shown in Image Gallery. They also offer an audio tour with our Media Player, so visitors can get more information on well known pieces in their collection.

Fair Plains Highschool

Darrell is a football coach at a high school in Texas. He wants a fun, cost effective way to commemorate his team's first championship in two decades. He finds action shots of the players and highlights of the season, including the scoreboard after their final game and having the victory Gatorade dumped on him. Unfortunately, a few months later the he loses his phone, but downloading another copy of the app takes only seconds and costs him nothing. He loves to show it off to people that ask him about his coaching career and they often download it themselves after he shows them. Every year thereafter the team has a new highlight reel Image Gallery and Video Player added to the existing app at a reduced cost.

Locomotive and Machining Local 4093

Locomotive and Machining Local 4093 needs a product that is certified to be Made In The USA. The Union decides to highlight the history of the Union as well as show images and video of the Union today. They opt for a mix of black and white photos from their archives and recent shots of Union members doing similar work today. Towards the date of their annual picnic, they update the mapping feature with the location and redirect the website to a new splash page giving information on the event along with the link to buy tickets. In addition, they schedule a Push Notification informing people of the upcoming event and letting them know to check the app for details!


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