Our apps are scalable and integrate with each other and you receive both an Android and iPhone version.

All our modules

We offer a Base Module that offers all the basic functionality you would want in an app and a whole lot more. We also offer premium features that add to the cost of the initial purchase. The Base Module is a required purchase and the Additional Modules add custom functionality and buttons to the home screen. You only buy the parts you need when you need them. New modules can be added as your company needs them or your marketing strategy evolves. Upon adding modules, we will redesign the home screen to add new buttons as required to your app, unlocking the new functionality. They will appear automatically when the user updates the app. You can use all of features that come with the Base Module and Additional Modules or just pick and choose the ones you need.

Base modules

One Spec Sample Included In Purchase We know that you or your clients may not be experts on what the end product would look like based on the art assets you provide to us. Perhaps a photo you provide loses too much detail on small screens? Perhaps your logo doesn't stand out as much as you would like against the background you selected? No need to worry, Cascadia has got you covered. We'll be happy to change literally every possible option on the app once; completely free of charge. You get one set of changes included in the initial price. All changes must be submitted at the same time. After the first set, additional charges will apply. The spec sample version of your app will be uploaded to a private Android test account and you will be given instructions on how to view it.
Free Android Account We will create the Android Developer account for you and upload the app to Google Play and the Apple App Store, including the initial Android account creation fee. We will add you and anyone you choose as administrators to view the Android account activity such as downloads, statistics and other relevant account information. We handle the entire app approval process. You can take over the account at any time. For a private Apple account, additional steps need to be taken. Please contact us for details.
Custom Launch Icons Once someone installs your app, you'll have a constant advertising presence on their phone. Every time they use their device, they are exposed to the logo or image you provide to us. Downloading a company's app creates the type of impression that outlasts simply visiting their webpage or seeing a commercial, and since the app remains on their device, it continues to expose customers to your brand for as long as they own the device or even longer if they back up their app data before switching devices. Please see the art requirements documentation for details.
Link To Your Website We will be happy to add a link or links to your website free of charge with the purchase of any base model app. We recommend providing us with a link to a specialized app landing page and then just set that link to whatever page you would like at the time. An example would be having www.yoursite.com/app redirect to www.yoursite.com. That way if you ever decide to add content you would like to have available specifically to people that download your app, you can just change the page at www.yoursite.com/app then change it back to redirect to your homepage once the offer expires, or if you decide you would like your customers to see another portion of your website. We can change the website link at any time from within the app but fees would apply.
Custom Background Image The home screen will feature a background of your choosing. You can choose to add a photo as the background of your launch screen, but it is not necessary. Some logos look best against a plain black or white background, or you can pick a color of your choosing. Please note the photo will be stretched to fit the device. This can make people in particular appear differently than they do in real life. Also, since the app dynamically sets the logo and button locations, we can't guarantee that certain parts of the image will be visible on all devices.
Links To Your Social Media We will include the standard, universally recognizable buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram or any other site that allows direct access from mobile apps free of charge. Just give us the link to your page and we will do the rest. It is a great way to expand the reach of your social media presence and campaigns.
Custom Audio On Launch A sound file of your choosing will play as people use the app. We offer a selection of music and photos we have the rights to use on our site. A mute button is available on the homepage of the app as a standard option. Music loops endlessly and we have sound files such as Twist Looped and Saxy French where the beginning blends with the end to create the illusion of one constant track. See our Stock Media tab for more options.
Location Mapping Service Our apps include a free location mapping service through Google Maps. You edit a Google Map and just add your locations. We'll be happy to link you to instructions for the creation and testing of your map. Once you finish, just provide the link to us and we'll build it into your app. You can also change the map at any time by accessing it from your Google account, so if you open a new location it's easy to add it. We can also handle this for you but additional charges may apply. One location? Free. Several hundred? Ask!
Information Screens Want to add some basic information about your organization? Perhaps you want to show the hours you are open, your menu, the services you offer, or a history of your company? That's all included in the purchase price. Just sent the text, with a single photo and we'll be happy to add it to the homepage of the app.

Additional modules

Image Gallery Our image gallery can serve almost any function. If the best way to tell your story as an organization is through photos and text, this is the right choice for you. It can be a restaurant menu, a keepsake for a graduating class, highlights of your recent product launch, a visual tour of your tourist attraction or campus, a leave-behind for your salespeople, or a way to showcase your latest event. We can change the art or photos at any time. You can add photos with or without text overlays. With our standard Pinch To Zoom feature you can even read magazine size articles from smaller screens. To progress to the next image you simply swipe your finger to the left on the screen.
Skinnable Memory With our Skinnable Memory module affordable, addictive gaming is now available from Cascadia. With automatic high score tracking, expandable card faces, and automatic border shading, the classic memory game is sure to keep your customers coming back for more. Pick 16 or more photos which will act as the faces of the cards and square art of your choice appears on the back. After every game, one of your photos, with or without additional text, appears under the score. With easy, medium, and hard modes, the game is suitable for both children and adults. Best of all, it integrates with our coupon module to unlock discounts, rewards, raffle entries or anything else you can imagine based on their performance in the game!
Media Player Cascadia's Media Player module allows your customers and employees to access informational or entertaining videos and audio any time from their smart phone without an internet connection. Ideal for salespeople that need to demonstrate complex products or ideas, when a photo just won't do. It can also highlight the human face of your company by showing you, your employees, or your customers having fun. It is also wonderful for event and entertainment companies where the viewer really needs to see the amazing productions you have put together in the past. We can either build the audio and video player into the app or launch a YouTube video or SoundCloud audio file. Audio files will display a photo of your choice while playing if you opt for our built in player. Videos and audio can be added or removed at any time for the standard update fees. Great for distributing training videos to new hires or getting a second life out of your television commercials!
Coupons And Offers We handle discounts better than anyone. You choose the circumstances under which the offers activate! Want a coupon that's only active on the last Friday in June? Have a limited time offer? Want to remind someone their furnace is due for service one year after they download the app and give them a discount at the same time? Best of all, it integrates with our gaming modules unlock rewards based on the user's performance in the game!
Rotating Win Screen After each game, you can display a new part of your overall marketing strategy! Do you have photos and text you want to show to people exploring what you have to offer? With this and our game offerings you can highlight everything that makes you stand out from the competition. Every time the game is played, the user is exposed to new information. If they unlock a coupon or discount offer, they're made aware of that instead!
Push Notifications We can automatically trigger push notifications that show up on the user’s notification bar even when the app isn’t in use. These are a bit more complicated than most of our other features and what is allowed varies between Android and Apple devices. We’ll be happy to discuss what might work best for your client, just give us a call or send us an email.
Want Something Different? Our system is based on a series of modules we have already created. We're less expensive than the competition because we covered the costs for the coding those elements. We do however have talented developers on staff that can create anything possible with current technology, but expect higher prices. Some things are much simpler than you might imagine. Some might even be free. Some are incredibly expensive. We're happy to give your client an estimate based on their request.


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